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25 LinkedIn ideas for HR consultants

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Take the stress out of getting consistent on LinkedIn

“What do you want to talk about?” How much do you hate that question?

Every time you open LinkedIn, that question sits there, taunting you. The cursor blinking over and over, while you desperately try to think of what to write.

Perhaps the answer should be obvious but, as a busy HR consultant, writing posts can feel harder than searching for a candidate who ticks ALL the boxes for a demanding recruiting manager.

Take the stress and the thinking out of it. Download 25 LinkedIn posts for HR consultants and get all the ideas you need.

Divided into five categories, you can use a different prompt each day to produce content every weekday for a month. All without having to rack your brains for an idea.

Sounds good, right, getting LinkedIn post ideas tailored to you as an HR consultant?

Then what are you waiting for. Just drop in your details and get your free download on the next page in minutes.

Make editing easier

Nine tips for editing your content

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts”. (Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird)

Or, to put it another way - writing isn’t the hard part, editing is.

Admittedly, the hardest part is often coming up with the idea, and working out the right angle. But, once you have an idea, putting a few words down on paper is relatively easy (particularly now there are AI tools to help you).

Changing those initial words from a vague ramble to a clearly crafted message your clients respond to? That’s why you edit.

Even seasoned writers will tell you very few pieces come out perfectly first time. The reality is, they need re-visiting and reviewing, often more than once, to get the right message across.

So, get yourself into good habits and download these nine tips for editing your content today. (No email required).

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26 Copywriting tips just for you

A to Z of copywriting tips for HR consultants

Working in HR, you wear many hats (even if you’d happily lose a couple). So, when it comes to finding the right words for your business, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could find advice tailored to you and your challenges?

This A to Z of copywriting tips has been written for you. It uses your language, offers HR-related examples, and shares links and blogs relevant to you.

You might be a recruitment specialist, an EDI expert or an HR generalist. These tips all focus on helping you craft your message and get better responses from clients.

They’re here to help you understand who you’re speaking to, what you’re trying to say, and how to put your own personality across at the same time.

Download the full A to Z today for just £26 (plus VAT)

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Web page templates

Get your website finding you clients straight away. Write your own four-page website using templates designed specifically for new HR consultants.

You’ll get prompts and advice on how to write your Home, About, Services and Contact pages, and where to look for additional support, so you’re confident in your message from the start.

£50 (plus VAT)

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