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Why your words matter

Brilliant content on your website, profiles, emails (and anything else you can think of) makes the difference between people moving on and people signing up to work with you.

They’re the reason someone chooses you over another HR consultant. The clients buys-in to your approach, your experience, and your way of viewing their business.

It sounds simple – put your own words on paper – but it can feel like the hardest task in the world.

So, whether you outsource it or keep it in-house (with a little help from a friendly HR copywriter), new words will make you feel confident – about your business, your services and, most importantly, about why you’re great at what you do.

You can be an L&D, or EDI specialist, or a fantastic HR generalist. It doesn’t matter. Let’s work together to get your tone of voice on the page and give you a message that screams confidence.

Outsource your content

This is for you if you’re a busy HR consultant who needs a compelling marketing message, but don’t have the time, or inclination, to write one. You’ve built your business; you know where it’s going. What you need now is to outsource your writing, so new clients come to find you while you’re delivering for the existing ones.

Web pages

Make them work for your business

4-page website (copy only) starts from £1,800 plus VAT

Case studies & Awards entries

Showcase your brilliance for all to see

Prices start from £400 plus VAT

Downloads & Lead magnets

Freebies and emails to entice clients in

Individual pricing applies

LinkedIn profiles

Creating an intro to make you memorable

Prices start from £425 plus VAT

Job adverts

Get the right people applying for your role

Indeed advert from existing job description £100 plus VAT

Can’t see what you need? I can still help. Just click the button below and book a call.

Write your content in-house (with help)

Ideal for convincing clients to buy from you, when your own finances are a bit tight. Develop your copywriting skills and finesse your message through a choice of courses, 1:1 support and downloadable resources.

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Copywriting courses

Spruce up your website, nail your networking intro. Choose the best option to support your biggest writing challenge right now.

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1:1 Support

Convert more clients with help defining your tone of voice, structuring your ongoing content, or improving content you’ve already written.

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Additional resources

Download ideas, tips and templates to get you started writing great content.

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Services you won't find here

Being a specialist copywriter for HR, I sometimes get requests for services I don’t offer. If what you need is listed below, you’re close, but not quite in the right place:

  • Employment contracts/Terms and conditions of employment
  • Employee handbooks
  • Company policies or procedures
  • Offer letters, disciplinary templates and induction forms
  • Help with any sort of employee issue

Rather than an HR copywriter, what you need is a great HR consultant. Someone who can advise you on the right steps to take for your business and provide a wealth of other HR knowledge and support too.

If you aren’t sure where to find a good one, feel free to drop me an email (hello@KatieJoCopywriting.co.uk). I know a number who are fab, and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Great feedback from clients:

I could be anyone, I get it, but some people think I’m pretty good at this copywriting malarkey. See if I’m the right person to work with you – client testimonials, come on down!

Working with you to get my case studies out of my head and ready for other people to see has been second to none when it comes to helping me see

Why I do what I do,

How important what I do is to both me and my clients, and

How freaking awesome I am at it.

Thank you for helping me see that and share it with the world. There’s no way I’d have been so complimentary about myself and my work without your skills.

Lynne Wright, Ferris Wheel People Experience Associates

If I was to sum up Katie's work in just one word it would be 'WOW'!

I first started working with Katie over a year ago now and did some fabulous blogs for me.

Since then my business has evolved and there was only one person I was going to call on to write my website content and brochure. Yet again she has provided some mind blowing content which has brought my website to life. I am absolutely thrilled.

Right Katie what is the next project you are going to work on for me?!?

Lizanne Keenan, LK HR Services Ltd.

What can I say?!

Katie really knows her stuff and gave me some great tips and ways to think differently about and improve what I was writing to reach my target clients.

With a background in HR it was also great to know she understood what I was talking about and what I wanted to convey.

I will be back for more advice!

I highly recommend Katie if you are struggling and need some support writing copy.

Sally Brandon, Minerva HR Consulting

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