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Rephrase your message

You know roughly what you want to say, you just aren’t quite sure how to say it. What you need is a guide to help you make the right changes and attract the clients you want.

Choose from

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Tone of voice support

Break away from your corporate voice and get your personality on the page.

Writing a website or your social media posts uses a very different tone from most of your communications. It’s more relaxed, more friendly, more you.

Knowing how to step out of your own head and create that in words though? That’s a tougher ask.

Use your 1:1 session to dig into your preferred tone of voice and come out with a defined guide you can use again and again.

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Content planning

How often do you stare at LinkedIn as it asks, “what do you want to talk about?” only to think “I don’t know!”

Give yourself a break. Make your writing time effective by knowing what you’re going to write about before you open your laptop.

Use a Rephrase session to map out your content. Plan your strategy, identify your key pillars, or create detailed content plans.

The level of detail you get is entirely up to you. The important thing is giving you a structure you can commit to and stick to.

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Review your words

It isn’t enough just to put posts on LinkedIn or have a new website ‘just for show’. You need content your clients connect with.

Get support to re-write your content, and gain insight into key elements of your message you can repeat again and again.

Make your marketing effective through everything you write. Better social posts, better emails, and a website that’s more than a shop window.

Use your session to get 1:1 support to make live changes to your content you can put out as soon as we’re done.

So, whether you’re struggling with getting the tone of voice right, or making yours a compelling offer.

Let’s get your clients buying into, and buying from, you.

What clients say:

Don’t take my word for it, see what clients say:

“This morning I spent a lovely hour with Katie reviewing my website copy. Since working with Katie, she has been absolutely amazing at helping refine my content and messaging on my website and has a fantastic way of helping you come up with what you want to say when you can’t get the words out or articulate… and with her background in HR she is best placed to speak the language of HR consultants and their clients.

If you are looking at getting your website updated or needs a refresh or you need to get the content for building a website for your HR Consultancy then Katie is the person I would recommend you go to for help and is lovely to work with!”

Victoria Dale, Inclusion365