Specialist HR copywriter

Building your confidence with words

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Specialist HR copywriter

Building your confidence with words

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Find the right clients for you

Where have all the great clients gone? You know the ones I mean – the ones who want to introduce great HR practices, who value their employees, and who see the benefit of supporting their people develop and grow.

The answer is, they’re out there. You just need help finding the right words so they can find their way to you.

You’ve probably got a website and a social presence already, but if they aren’t doing the heavy lifting for you, then you need help. Working with me, you’ll get a fresh message you can be confident in, and show potential clients exactly why they should choose you as their HR specialist.

You can be a brilliant recruiter, an excellent EDI specialist, or an absolutely awesome HR generalist; the secret is working out what’s special about you. And, more importantly, shouting about why that matters to your clients.

Get the “write” support

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Outsource your writing

Take away the stress of trying to find the hours you need to write your website, profile, case studies, emails (and more). Let me write them for you.

You’ll set the brief, oversee the process, and make tweaks here and there, but mostly you can focus on client delivery knowing your words are being crafted in the background.

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Write your copy in-house (with help)

Feeling stuck about what to write for your business? Struggling to find the right words to drive enquiries and sales?

These services are ideal if you’re happy doing the writing, but need advice and 1:1 support from me, plus the odd template, to really get your message across to your clients.

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Hey, I’m Katie.

I’m here to help you build your confidence with words, so you can attract the best clients looking to buy just what you have to offer.

Before I went into copywriting, I spent nearly 20 years working in HR. I’m used to your jargon and I understand your challenges, both as an HR consultant and a business owner.

You want to be seen and known for the things you love, so let’s get clear on why your clients choose you and help you stand apart from the vast HR consultant ‘sea of same’.

My focus is finding the right words to bring you and your business to life, keeping you excited about your business and attracting more of the right clients to you.

Great feedback from clients:

I could be anyone, I get it; find out why my clients choose to work with me.

Working with you to get my case studies out of my head and ready for other people to see has been second to none when it comes to helping me see

Why I do what I do,

How important what I do is to both me and my clients, and

How freaking awesome I am at it.

Thank you for helping me see that and share it with the world. There’s no way I’d have been so complimentary about myself and my work without your skills.

Lynne Wright, Ferris Wheel People Experience Associates

If I was to sum up Katie's work in just one word it would be 'WOW'!

I first started working with Katie over a year ago now and did some fabulous blogs for me.

Since then my business has evolved and there was only one person I was going to call on to write my website content and brochure. Yet again she has provided some mind blowing content which has brought my website to life. I am absolutely thrilled.

Right Katie what is the next project you are going to work on for me?!?

Lizanne Keenan, LK HR Services Ltd.

What can I say?!

Katie really knows her stuff and gave me some great tips and ways to think differently about and improve what I was writing to reach my target clients.

With a background in HR it was also great to know she understood what I was talking about and what I wanted to convey.

I will be back for more advice!

I highly recommend Katie if you are struggling and need some support writing copy.

Sally Brandon, Minerva HR Consulting

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